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An exciting range of PhD opportunities are available across all the research interests of our Institute of Medical Sciences, including:

Bone and Musculoskeletal; Cancer Medicine; Cell and Developmental Biology; Immunology; Imaging; Molecular Exercise Physiology; Microbiology; Neurobiology; Physiology and Pharmacology; Systems Biology; Translational Medicine; and Cardiovascular research.

Example projects:

We encourage prospective PhD students to apply at any time throughout the year and have a wide range of PhD projects in the field of Medical Sciences that we are currently looking to fill. Browse example PhD projects »

PhD Perspectives

Our students tell you what it's like doing a PhD in the field of Medical Sciences and why those thinking about a postgraduate research degree should join us here at the University of Aberdeen.

Research impact

Our researchers conduct a wide range of fundamental and applied research that has impact on many aspects of modern life. Our scientists translate their expertise into many spheres to advance science, inform policy, shape industry and help individuals.

For example, Aberdeen scientists are working towards halting the progression of Alzheimer’s, dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases.

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Our Research

The Institute of Medical Sciences is home to principal investigators who lead cutting edge molecular and cell biology research in a variety of fields. Current research includes:


The main interest of the vascular theme is in the role of cardiac risk assessment and management in healthy volunteers and patients with peripheral vascular, cardiac, and cerebrovascular disease. Our areas of expertise are in the investigation of the role of platelets, coagulation, endothelial function, inflammation and dyslipidaemia in the development and progression of atherosclerosis.

Read more about our Cardiovascular research programme »

Cell, Developmental and Cancer Biology

The Cell and Developmental Research Programme investigates the Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and Cell Physiology that is unique to cells in multicellular organisms. Current research has shown that many of the molecular pathways and mechanisms used during embryonic development are re-deployed in the adult to regulate stem cell maintenance and differentiation in wound healing, regeneration and tissue repair.

Read more about our Cell, Developmental and Cancer Biology research programme »

Immunity, Infection and Inflammation

The Immunity, Infection and Inflammation Research Programme is a diverse and thriving organisation. The University of Aberdeen hosts cutting-edge research, which has expanded to develop successful collaborations in the commercial sector.

Read more about our Immunity, Infection and Inflammation research programme »


At Aberdeen, molecular and cell biologists, clinical scientists, epidemiologists and environmental microbiologists are working together to address key questions about the basic biology of micro-organisms, how they interact with the environment and how they interact with human hosts to cause infectious disease.

Read more about our Microbiology research programme »


The Musculoskeletal programme consists of a team of scientists and clinicians working together to seek a better understanding of bone, cartilage and muscle biology and physiology in health and disease. By combining basic molecular and cell biological research with patient studies they seek to develop new or better ways of diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal disorders, working together with collaborators and using a strong multidisciplinary approach.

Read more about our Musculoskeletal research programme »

Translational Neuroscience

The neuroscience programme at Aberdeen consists of one of the fastest growing neuroscience groups in the UK. The programme places particular emphasis on bridging the gap between the biochemistry of the brain and the behaviour of the brain - how the molecular events that control function of neural cells set up the firing outputs of neuronal networks, reading out as the brains control of behaviour.

Read more about our Translational Neuroscience research programme »


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