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The development of the Scottish Emigration Database enhances existing scholarship and builds upon other initiatives funded through university and government sectors in Europe and North America in order to make demographic information from passenger lists available electronically for academic analysis and public use.  Comparative analysis can currently be undertaken with seven online emigration databases:

Irish Emigration Database (1845-70)
Finnish Emigrant Register (1892-96 & 1899-1914)
Hamburg Emigration Database (1850-1934)
Norwegian Digital Inn - Emigration Database (1867-1929)
Ellis Island Database (1892-1924)
Canadian Immigration Database (1925-35)
Danish Emigration Archives (1868-1908)

There are relevant archival collections in:

Brynmor Jones Library, University of Hull
Edinburgh Room, Edinburgh City Library
Merseyside Maritime Museum
The Mitchell Library, Glasgow
National Maritime Museum
The National Archives
Norway Heritage
SCAN: The Scottish Archive Network Digital Archive
The Scottish Jewish Archives Centre

Other online finding aids include:

Moving Here (Commonwealth immigration into England, 1948-59)
The Gazetteer for Scotland
The Ships List (shipping miscellanea for genealogists)
Maritime Timetable Images (source of several images on this website)
What Passenger Lists are Online? (internet sources for transcribed passenger lists and indexes)

White Star Timetable 1924 from the collection of Björn Larsson

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