The University of Aberdeen Business School is a leading international provider of excellence in undergraduate and postgraduate education, at the heart of an ancient Scottish research-led University. We are located on the beautiful North-East coast of Scotland in the vibrant city of Aberdeen, one of the world’s leading centres in business and energy.

Our international faculty consist of over 40 research active members with world leading academic credentials and strong professional links with the business community. Key research areas include:

  • Economics - labour economics, the economics of health & wellbeing, and petroleum & energy economics
  • Real Estate - property investment and property market analysis
  • Business & Management - accountancy, empirical finance, and management

The Business School is engaged in a number of Partnerships. The Aberdeen Executive Education Partnership is a unique network between academia and business in the north-east which will give those who participate the opportunity to continually update and embrace their current business strategies and be challenged by new research and innovative ways of viewing issues.

King's College Aberdeen

MBA Energy Management

The programme comprises an intensive series of stimulating teaching blocks that are based on formal lectures, group discussions, case studies, role-plays, simulation exercises and project work. Following extensive industry consultation, the programme offers a series of courses identified as being crucially important for managers in today’s energy industries.

Oil Rig

MSc Petroleum, Energy Economics and Finance

Specifically designed for graduates who wish to embark on and further their careers in the petroleum industry and government. Our students develop the economic and finance skills required to allow them to analyse a range of issues relevant to these industries, such as investment analysis, government petroleum policies, decommissioning, energy demand.


Undergraduate study

We offer undergraduate programmes in


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