The Knight and the Lion

"Laudine in Love Again"

Lunette rode to the Spring and, seeing it was Yvain there, she gave him the news. He kissed her hands, her eyes and her face, thanking her and calling her his sweet friend.

Soon Yvain stood before Laudine in all his armour, the lion by his side.

'Is it true,' Lunette asked, 'that you have sworn to end the hatred of this man's lady towards him if you can?'

'I have', said Laudine.

'Then forget your anger,' cried Lunette, 'for this is Yvain, your husband.'

And Yvain took off his helmet.

'Well, you've trapped me perfectly, haven't you?' cried Laudine. 'You'll make me love him in spite of myself - though he didn't show much love or respect for me. I think I'd rather put up with the storms. I tell you, I'd never have made peace with him any other way. My anger would have burned inside me like glowing cinders in the ashes of a fire.

Yet now I have sworn an oath I cannot break it, and will never say any more about it.'

So Yvain is returned to his lady's love - for she sees that he has suffered and will not hurt her again. All his pain is driven away by this new joy with his sweet and dear love. Yvain and Laudine treasure each other all the days of their life, and Lunette has everything she wants, for they are both grateful to her. As for the lion, he lives in comfort and happiness ever after.

So this is the end of the story of the Knight with the Lion. Chrétien has told it to you. There isn't any more of it - and if anyone says there is, they're sure to be lying!

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