The Knight and the Lion

"Yvain Returns to the Spring"

The King sent for his best doctor, who used all his skill to heal the wounds of Gawain and Yvain. But no sooner was his body cured than Yvain's heart and mind told him that he could not go on as he was.

He could see clearly that, unless his lady forgave him, he would die for love. He resolved to go to the Spring and raise such a storm of hail and rain and thunder and howling winds that she would have to make peace with him. Or else the storm would never stop - he'd make sure of that.

As soon as he felt strong, Yvain went quietly away. His lion went with him, for he never meant to leave his master's side as long as he lived. When Yvain reached the Spring he made a storm ten times worse than anything before. It seemed the earth would open up and the forest fall into it. The walls and towers of Laudine's castle trembled violently, so that the people cried out:

'Whose stupid idea was it to build a town here anyway? A thousand curses on him, whoever he was!'

Laudine was at her wits' end - for all her people cried out to her every day to find some way to defend the Spring, and yet she knew very well that none of them was brave enough to do it.

Lunette saw her chance:

'What if we could find that wonderful knight, the one who travels with a lion! He beat the giant Harpin, I've heard, and he fought against three men here, before your very eyes.'

'That's true,' Laudine replied, 'but he has some great sorrow - I remember he said so - because his lady is angry with him.'

'Perhaps he might help us if you promised to try to make peace between him and his lady', said Lunette.

'Yes', cried Laudine. 'I'll take an oath on it now, and you can go and serach for him and tell him.'

So Lunette at once brought the most precious holy relic in the land for her mistress to swear her oath on, and Laudine knelt down and placed her hand on it saying:

'I swear to use all my powers in any way I can until the Knight with the Lion has his lady's love again, as completely as ever.'