Beowulf for beginners

the Witan (or council) could not agree. Wulfgar, one of the most trusted and important of the Danes, spoke out:

'Some say we should send for help. I don't like telling other tribes our troubles. Who knows what they may do? The tribe of the Heathobards are our neighbours. We have had many wars with them in the past. They would not wait long when they heard we were weak and in trouble. They would soon attack.' Council meeting

'Do you think they don't know already?' Hrothgar's adviser Æschere replied. 'News of Grendel's murders has spread far and wide. There are some tribes who are friendly to us, like the Geats - we helped them once in their wars - but they are far away. We must send word to them.'

'We cannot trust any other tribes,' Wulfgar said. 'There have been too many wars between us all for that. When we helped the Geats we were a strong tribe. You, lord Hrothgar, were still a youg man. Now the Danes are a weak and frightened people. Only when you are a strong tribe can you trust other tribes to help or obey you.'

Wealhtheow, Hrothgar's wife, then spoke: 'We must do something . You, my lord Hrothgar, are old. We have no-one among us who can beat Grendel. So slowly he will kill us all, or we must leave Heorot for ever. Where will we go? Will we fight our neighbours for land to live on? Or will we be a wandering people without a home? Then we will be weakest of all. We must trust someone . A hero must be found to meet the monster.'

Then Hrothgar said: 'What you say is true, Wulfgar, but I agree with Wealhtheow and with Æschere, my wise friend. We have no other choice. Let us send messengers overseas and see what help will come.'