Beowulf for beginners

Beowulf's Journey

far away among the tribe of the Geats, a good man heard of Hrothgar's trouble and Grendel's killings. That man was Beowulf, the strongest soldier in the world and nephew of Hygelac, lord of the Geats. Ship going to help Hothgar

When Beowulf was a child, everyone thought he was lazy and good for nothing, but since he grew up he had done so many brave and daring deeds that no one talked like that anymore.

Beowulf took fourteen of the fiercest fighters he could find, and ordered a ship to ride the waves.

I will cross the Whale Road,' he said, 'to help lord Hrothgar who has the need of men.'

Away the ship went over the waves, cutting the seas as the wind pushed her forward. On the second day the soldiers saw the shining cliffs. The sea-journey was over.

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