Beowulf for beginners

The Watchman

the Geats thanked God that they had crossed the seas safely. Their battle-armour clanged as they marched onto the beach.

Watchman The Watchman on the cliffs had seen the ship, and the men in war-dress with their polished shields. He went down and shouted to them:

'Strangers, you have steered your ship across the seas to our shore. Where are you from and why have you come here?'

Beowulf answered:

'We come from the land of the Geats. We are lord Hygelac's soldiers. I am Beowulf, son of Edgetheow, the famous fighter. We have heard that Heorot and Lord Hrothgar have an enemy, a beast who comes in darkness to kill and destroy. I will tell Lord Hrothgar a plan which will save him from his sadness and all the Danes from the misery of this monster.'

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You are the Watchman. Do you believe Beowulf and let him pass?
Or do you think it is a trick, and that he and his men are spies or raiders?