Package standup.utils

This package provides miscellanous utility classes.


Class Summary
CommandLineArguments This class handles command line arguments passed to the STANDUP system.
GraphicsUtils Provides various static methods for dealing with BufferedImages, i.e.
MySwingTools A (very wee) collection of tools for setting up Swing interfaces.
PhonemeTools Provides a few methods that deal with STANDUP phonetic spellings.
SpringUtilities A class that provides utility methods for creating form- or grid-style layouts with SpringLayout.
SwingWorker This is the 3rd version of SwingWorker (also known as SwingWorker 3), an abstract class that you subclass to perform GUI-related work in a dedicated thread.
SwingWorker.ThreadVar Class to maintain reference to current worker thread under separate synchronization control.
Utils A collection of various low-level utility functions, all accessible from a static context.

Package standup.utils Description

This package provides miscellanous utility classes. Most of them provide static methods.