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Packages that use UnifiableListVar
standup.joke This package provides joke generation functionality and all its related data structures. 
standup.unify This package provides unification facilities used during the STANDUP joke generation process. 

Uses of UnifiableListVar in standup.joke

Fields in standup.joke declared as UnifiableListVar
private  UnifiableListVar Schema.lexemeVariables
private  UnifiableListVar Clause.tempSpecArgumentQueryableLexemes
private  UnifiableListVar Schema.variables

Methods in standup.joke that return UnifiableListVar
static UnifiableListVar Precondition.doArguments(Element element)
          Returns a UnifiableList of the arguments encoded in an XML element.
private static UnifiableListVar[] Schema.doSchemaVariables(Element e)
private static UnifiableListVar Clause.doTAQLVariables(Element e)
 UnifiableListVar Precondition.getArguments()
 UnifiableListVar Schema.getLexemeVariables()
 UnifiableListVar Clause.getQueryableTempSpecVars()
 UnifiableListVar Schema.getVariables()

Methods in standup.joke with parameters of type UnifiableListVar
private  void JokeGraph.addVars(Bindings b, UnifiableListVar vars, SourceProcess sourceProcessCode, String sourceLabel)
          This function adds a node to the jokegraph for a variable appearing in a lexical precondition, whether coming from a schema or a clause.
private  String Generator.getExclusionStatement(String schemaTableName, UnifiableListVar lexemeVars, List<Keyword> instantiations)
          Returns an SQL statement string that updates the exclusion table

Constructors in standup.joke with parameters of type UnifiableListVar
Clause(Precondition outSpec, Precondition tempSpec, List<Precondition> preconditions, UnifiableListVar tempSpecArgumentQueryableLexemes)
          Default constructor providing instances for all fields.
Precondition(UnifiableConstant funct, UnifiableListVar vars)
Schema(String _label, UnifiableListVar _variables, UnifiableListVar _lexemes, List<Precondition> _p, List<Precondition> _q, List<Precondition> _a, String _sqlTableName, boolean _ups, int _ic)

Uses of UnifiableListVar in standup.unify

Methods in standup.unify that return UnifiableListVar
 UnifiableListVar UnifiableListVar.duplicate()