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Packages that use JokeGraph
standup.joke This package provides joke generation functionality and all its related data structures. 

Uses of JokeGraph in standup.joke

Fields in standup.joke declared as JokeGraph
(package private)  JokeGraph JokeStructure.jokeGraph

Methods in standup.joke that return JokeGraph
 JokeGraph JokeGraph.copy()
          Returns a copy of this JokeGraph.
 JokeGraph JokeStructure.getGraph()
static JokeGraph JokeGraph.readXML(Element e)

Methods in standup.joke with parameters of type JokeGraph
private  WordStruct Generator.elaborateBody(UnifiableList templateBody, String parentTemplateNodeID, int childNumber, String templateLabel, JokeGraph jokeGraph)
          The main template filling algorithm.
private  StructElement Generator.elaborateTemplateItem(String parentTemplateNodeID, int childNumber, String templateLabel, JokeGraphNodeKeyword nodeLex, JokeGraph g)
          Elaborates a lexical element, i.e.
private  StructElement Generator.elaborateTemplateItem(String parentTemplateNodeID, int childNumber, UnifiableCompound b, JokeGraph g)
          Recursively performs template filling on a template item that specifies another template
private  StructElement Generator.elaborateTemplateItem(UnifiableConstant bString, Unifiable bsuccNODE, JokeGraph g)
private  UnifiableCompound Generator.obtainTemplateSpecifier(UnifiableCompound osf, JokeGraph jokeGraph, JokeConstraints constraints)
          Given an output specification function, this method finds an appropriate clause, instantiates it with values that satisfy the given JokeConstraints, updates the jokegraph, and returns the resulting template specifier.
private  List<UnifiableCompound> Generator.obtainTemplateSpecifiers(List<UnifiableCompound> osfs, JokeGraph jokeGraph, JokeConstraints constraints)
           Performs clause instantiation.
private  WordStruct Generator.surfaceGenerate(List<UnifiableCompound> outputSpecificationFunction, String template, JokeGraph jokeGraph, JokeConstraints constraints)
          Takes an output specification function, instantiated with nodes in the given JokeGraph, and generates a WordStruct using the given template and satisfying the given JokeConstraints.
private  WordStruct Generator.templateFill(UnifiableCompound templateSpecifier, String parentTemplateNodeID, int childNumber, JokeGraph jokeGraph)
          Performs template filling, i.e.

Constructors in standup.joke with parameters of type JokeGraph
JokeStructure(String _id, String s, String tq, String ta, WordStruct wq, WordStruct wa, JokeGraph jg, double pst)