Class CloudButtonProfile

  extended by standup.clouds.EntityAnimatedInteractive
      extended by standup.clouds.EntityAnimatedInteractiveBubbleLabel
          extended by standup.clouds.CloudButton
              extended by standup.clouds.CloudButtonProfile
All Implemented Interfaces:
Entity, EntityAnimated

public class CloudButtonProfile
extends CloudButton

A CloudButton that, when selected by the user, loads a user's existing profile, prepares all necessary data structures, and then displays the main menu.

Ruli Manurung

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Field Summary
private  String name
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message, progressMapStage
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bubbleLabel, cloudLabelLayout, myShape
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containingPanel, frontend
Constructor Summary
CloudButtonProfile(CloudFrontend f, CloudButton p, String n)
Method Summary
 Milestone executeClick()
           This is the default action that is performed when a CloudButton is clicked, i.e.: Perform the appropriate animations: 'shrink' siblings, move to centre, 'grow' children, and Update progress map if necessary, and Return a Milestone representing the user's interaction choice.
 String getLogFileText()
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Field Detail


private final String name
Constructor Detail


public CloudButtonProfile(CloudFrontend f,
                          CloudButton p,
                          String n)
Method Detail


public String getLogFileText()
Specified by:
getLogFileText in class EntityAnimatedInteractive


public Milestone executeClick()
Description copied from class: CloudButton

This is the default action that is performed when a CloudButton is clicked, i.e.:

Override this method if: -- you want this Lubble to perform other things when first clicked, e.g. joke generation (make sure to call super.getMilestone to return the Milestone!) -- you just want to perform some stuff that doesn't end up as a Milestone on the HistoryCoordinator (make sure to return null)

executeClick in class CloudButton