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Video tutorial

This tutorial requires a browser that supports Javascript to run correctly.

If you have headphones available please use them! You may get slightly different results with and without headphones. The answers given in this tutorial were obtained using headphones.

The first section of this tutorial is a video of blood pressure measurement. (Warning, this file is 44MB in size and may take a while to download!)

The remainder of this section allows you to test your accuracy by recording 34 blood pressure values and comparing your results  with those obtained by 24 experienced observers.

You will find a range of falling columns and sounds that correspond to the variety found in clinical practice.

Listen carefully, and watch the falling columns. When you record your answer in the box provided you will be told whether it falls within the acceptable range. (This corresponds to the range of values obtained by the observers for each particular column. If your answer is within this range it will be accepted.) Remember to record the pressure to the nearest 2 mm Hg. You will then be given some helpful feedback, and a chance to watch the same column again, or to move on to a new patient.

Please select a column from the list below:


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