Family Perspectives

Robbie Third, 2007.
© Photograph by Alison Brown

Whenever I look at this cloth, or think of my father’s time in Canada, I realise how frustrated he must have been to be summoned home to Buchan to take over the operation of the family's businesses after his older brother had died. His later life would certainly be considered a successful one: he became a noted pig breeder, then went on to build a successful small hotel, in which second role he became a founder member and first president of a local trade association. However, I know that he had earlier seen his future as being in Canada, not back in Buchan, and regretted that his career there had been cut so short. He spoke about Canada at every opportunity: he acted host for every Canadian (no matter how tenuously connected with our family, the Hudson's Bay Company, or just the friend of a friend!) who was 'coming home' to Scotland for a visit; and over the years he actively recruited a number of new young men to go out and join the HBC.

Robbie Third, 15 September 2007