Family Perspectives

Alison Grant and Tom Moir, 2007.
© Photograph by Alistair Grant.

My father was a bit concerned about us playing with the beadwork. Children just loved it and loved touching it and tracing the patterns and putting it on and running around with it. I don't know why they let us run around with the moccasins! I just loved the moccasins. I wore them all the time. I wore them out.

Alison Grant, Henry Moir and Christina Massan’s granddaughter, 12 March 2006

Christina Massan’s descendents. L-r Christina Massan, Khrystyna Massan, Brenda McDonald, Betty Ann
© Photograph by Alison Brown

When I got to see the [photos of the] beadwork and I was just totally in awe of how beautiful it is and how fortunate I am. There were nine girls in our family and out of the nine I’m the only one who learned how to do the beadwork. So, after seeing that, I would like a full copy, a full picture of the beadwork and I would like to duplicate it and carry on the history that way.

Christina Massan, Christina Massan and Harold McDonald's granddaughter, 14 July 2006

Dorothy Morand, 2006.
© Photograph by Alison Brown.

So this Mary Spence told me. She says, "You know what? Your Mum was really, really a good sewer". She used to say that to me in Cree. She used to tell me. "Her and I used to sew together". She said. "We'd go to her house", or my Mum would go to her place, and they would sew together. Do the beadwork and everything. Sew. That's what she said to me. "Your Mum was always sewing".

Dorothy Morand, Christina Massan and Rory Gibeault's daughter, 17 July 2006

Dick Moir, Christina Massan and Henry Moir’s grandson, 2007.
© Photograph by Alison Brown

My earliest memories of seeing the beadwork was probably my Mum showing it to us when we were young children, me, my brother Ronnie and my sister Janet, and probably explaining where it came from. We were always fascinated by it and I remember we used to sneak into my Mum's bedroom. It was kept in the bottom of the wardrobe and we used to get it out and dress up in it.

Dick Moir, Henry Moir and Christina Massan's grandson, 30 July 2007