Family Perspectives

Merle Henderson with artefacts, 2007.
© Photograph by Noel Henderson

All these have really come down from my mother. Of course, every time I see them, they remind me of my mum and dad. They loved the northern country. I know after my mum and dad retired back to Scotland, oh, they talked non-stop about their adventures in Canada. And I sometimes said to them. “What on earth did you come back here for? You miss Canada so much”. But, then it was the family. Mum wanted to be near her own. Her “ain fowk”, she’d say.

Merle Henderson, Ernest Hampton's daughter, 17 September 2006

Myron Hampton with artefacts, 2007.
© Photograph by Alison Brown

They remind me of my mother, actually, but also my aunt in the sense that she had obviously treasured these things and had looked after them. In fact I often think of my mother wearing a pair of gloves like these. She used to wear these types of thing.

Myron Hampton, Ernest Hampton's son, 18 November 2006