Gun case

This gun case has very personal associations for Angus Pelham Burn. It is one of a pair made from the hide of the first moose that he shot while working at Big Trout Lake in 1952. Angus recalls that after he shot the moose, he kept some of the meat, while the family of the man who took him hunting kept the rest. He then asked if it would be possible for the gun cases to be made with the hide. The cases are lined with a red woollen cloth and are trimmed with a hide fringe.

The gun cases accompanied Angus on many subsequent hunting trips during his time in northern Canada. Today they are used for a pair of guns which belonged to his father, Henry Pelham Burn, and which were given to him in 1908 by his mother following his service the Boer War.

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© Photograph by John McIntosh

© Photograph by John McIntosh

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