Folio 317r

Litany with tropes and final collects, continued.

Prayer, Omnes sancti martires, continued.

Burnet Psalter image.  University of Aberdeen. ... asking that they may pray to God that he may deliver us from the snares of our enemies, that he may cleanse our hearts and bodies with the grace of the holy spirit and that he may enable us to persevere to the end in good works.

ad dominum [ut] liberet nos ab omnibus insidiis inimicorum\ nostrorum et mundet corda et corpora nostra gracia\ spiritus sancti et det nobis perseveranciam in bonis\ operibus usque in finem.

Sancte Martine, ora.
Sancte\ Nicholae, ora.
Sancte Benedicte, ora.
Sancte Augusti\ne, ora.
Sancte Iheronime, ora.

Prayer, Omnes sancti confessores.

A prayer to the holy confessors, asking that they may pray to God that he may take from us those things that are harmful to us and displeasing to him and daily improve our conduct, and that through his help we may fulfil our promises to him.

Omnes sancti confes\sores orate pro nobis ut dominus noster auferat a\ nobis omnia que nobis nocent et quicquid ei\ displicet in nobis et ut mores nostros cotidie in\ melius convertat et quicquid ei promisimus per\ eius adiutorium valeamus implere.

Sancta\ Maria magdalena, ora
Sancta Agatha, ora.\
Sancta Agnes, ora
Sancta Katherina, ora.
Sancta\ Margareta, ora
Sancta Elizabeth, ora
Sancta Ghere\trudis ora.
Sancta Lucia, ora
Sancta Aldegundis,\ ora
Sancta Appollonia, ora

Prayer, Omnes sancte virgines.

A prayer to the holy virgins, asking that they may pray to God that he may give us humility, love, conscientiousness and tears, so that before our death, through confession and atonement, we ...

Omnes sancte virgines \ orate pro nobis ut dominus noster donet nobis veram\ humilitatem et perfectam caritatem veram com\punctionem et fontem lacrimarum ut ante diem\ exitus nostri per puram confessionem et condig\nam satisfactionem vitam eternam consequi\

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