Folio 316v

Litany with tropes and final collects, continued.

Prayer, Virgo semper Maria, continued.

Burnet Psalter image.  University of Aberdeen. ... the apostles, martyrs, saints, confessors and virgins, asking that by their intercession we may be saved from sin and permitted to rejoice in all that is good; that our desire for good may be fulfilled; and that afterwards we may be led to eternal life.

semper Maria ora pro nobis in hac hora surge\ piissima succurre nobis sine mora quia\ in angustiis sumus positi et nemo est qui liberet\ nos nisi o tu [tu o] domina. Precibus quoque sanctorum apostolo\rum martirum sanctorum confessorum atque sanctarum virginum\ suppliciter petimus ut a malis istis et ab omnibus\ peccatis et viciis nos clementer eruas bonisque\ omnibus nunc et semper perfrui nos concedas\ et desiderium nostrum in bonum impleas et postea\ ad vitam eternam nos perducas.

Prayer, Sancte Iohannes baptista cum.

A prayer to St John the Baptist, the patriarchs and prophets, asking that they may pray to God to have mercy on us and cleanse our hearts of worldly cares.

Sancte Io\hannes baptista cum omnibus sanctis patriarchis et pro\phetis ora pro nobis ad dominum donec misereatur\ nostri et ut mundet corda nostra ab omni solitu\dine [solicitudine] rerum mortalium.

Sancte Petre, ora.
Sancte\ Paule, ora.
Sancte Andrea, ora.
Sancte Iacobe, ora\
Sancte Iohannes evangelista, ora.

Prayer, Omnes sancti apostoli.

A prayer to the apostles and evangelists asking that they may pray to God to mitigate his anger and enlighten us with the grace of the holy spirit.

Omnes sancti apo\stoli et evangeliste, orate pro nobis ad dominum\ ut mitiget nobis iram suam et illuminet\ nos gracia spiritus sancti.

Sancte Stephane, ora.
Sancte\ Laurenti, ora
Sancte Thoma, ora.
Sancte Iohannes et\ Thoma, ora

Prayer, Omnes sancti martires.

A prayer to the holy martyrs ...

Omnes sancti martires orate pro nobis\

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