Folio 122r

Devotions to the Virgin Mary, continued.

Hymn, Gaude virgo concipiens, continued.

Burnet Psalter image.  Aberdeen University Library 1998

Gaude nato resurgente.
Gaude ipso ascenden\te
Gaude celo collocata
pacem nobis da be\ata. Amen.\

Hymn, Omnis virtus te decorat.

A hymn to the Virgin Mary (RH, 3, p 461). The author asks that, for the sake of the bloody wounds of Jesus Christ, which the Virgin wept to see, she may make us worthy to see her and rejoice with her in eternal glory.

Omnis virtus te decorat,
omnis virtus\ te honorat
in celesti patria.

Omnes\ teque benedicunt
et laudantes tibi dicunt,
Ave plena gracia.

Propter plagas\ Ihesu Christi
quas cruentas flens vidisti
pro no\stra miseria.

Fac nos dignos te videre
et vi\dendo te gaudere.
In perhenni gloria. Amen.\

Hymn, Gloria sanctorum.

A hymn to the Virgin Mary. The author asks that she may enter our hearts, be mindful of our poverty, cleanse us of foul desires and depraved urges, enfold us in her love and come to our aid lest we be condemned for our sins.

Gloria sanctorum
decus\ angelorum
Ave Maria.

Visita tu\orum
mentes famulorum,
Dulcis Ma\ria.

O fons bonitatis
nostre paupertatis
sis me\mor Maria.

Sordes voluptatis
estus pra\vitatis
dilue Maria.

Nobis Eve natis
sy\num pietatis
aperi Maria.

Ne nos pro pec\catis
simus cum dampnatis
succurre Maria.\

Hymn, Mater digna dei.

A hymn to the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ (see folio 102r; RH, 2, p 93). The author invokes her as his protector, guide and companion and asks her to have mercy on him. He invokes her as the light of day, she who is to be venerated, the queen of heaven ...

Mater digna dei venie via luxque diei
Sis\ tutela rei duxque comesque mei.
Nata dei mi\serere mei lux alma diei.
Digna coli regi\

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