Folio 114r

Devotions to the Virgin Mary, continued.

Hymn, Gaude perpetua virgo immaculata, continued.

The Virgin was received into heaven and placed above the choirs of angels, worthily to reign forever with her son, the king. The author asks that through these five joys she may remember him when she is in Christ's presence.

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lata Maria
dei genitrix gloriosa
que a seculo nequam\
et a mortis nexibus
in celum assumpta
et super\ choros angelorum exaltata
cum filio tuo rege ineternum\
regnare meruisti.

Per hoc quinque gaudia
virgo ple\na gracia,
mater alma dei,
In Christi presencia
tua cle\mencia
memor esto mei.

Introduction to the prayer, Deus qui beatam virginem Mariam unigeniti.

A prayer to God, invoking the Virgin Mary, who remained inviolate after bearing a child.

Post partum virgo inviolata.\

Prayer, Deus qui beatam virginem unigeniti.

A prayer to God, who gave joy to the Virgin Mary through the conception and birth of his son, the adoration of the three kings, the presentation to Simeon in the temple and the manifold display of miracles, adding to her joy with his resurrection and ascension. The author asks that by her merit and intercession, we may attain to the joy in which she, having herself been received into heaven, now rejoices.

Deus qui beatam virginem\ Mariam unigeniti filii tui domini nostri Ihesu\ Christi matrem semper virginem in ipsius fi\lii tui in conceptu et in partu regum veneracione Sy\meonis templi presentacione ac miraculorum osten\sione multipliciter letificasti quique eiusdem ma\tris et virginis gaudia ipso filio tuo a morte re\surgente ad celos carnaliter ascendente ipsamque\ in celis collocante gloriose cumulasti presta quesumus\ ut ad illud ineffabile gaudium quo assumpta\ gaudet in celis eius meritis et intercessione per\venire valeamus. Per dominum.

Introduction to the invocation, Diva virgo.

These are the names of the Virgin Mary. Whoever carries them on his person will not die a bad death and will make his confession before he dies and in his devotion will be with her.

Hec sunt nomina beate\ Marie virginis gloriose, si quis super se portaverit ma\la morte non morietur, et ante mortem suam veram\ confessionem habebit et in devocione cum beata virgine erit.\

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