Folio 113v

Devotions to the Virgin Mary, continued.

Hymn, Gaude perpetua virgo immaculata.

A hymn invoking the five joys of the Virgin Mary. She is the mother of the one and everlasting son of God, as Gabriel foretold, conceiving through the power of the holy spirit. She gave birth to God the creator incarnate, without corruption of the flesh, without pain, remaining both a virgin and a joyful mother. She saw her son, our redeemer, resurrected after his death on the cross. She saw our lord, Jesus Christ, by the power of his divinity, and in true substance of her flesh, ascend to heaven.

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Gaude perpetua virgo immaculata.
Ma\ria dei genitrix gloriosa
que gaudium\ gaudiorum omnium
eternum et unicum dei fili\um,
Gabrieli archangelo nunciante
magnifi\ca fide et humilitate
de virtute sancti spiritus
electis\sima concepisti.

Per hoc dulce gaudium
mater\ alma dei,
Apud tuum filium
memor esto mei.\

Gaude perpetua virgo immaculata
Maria dei\ genitrix gloriosa
que verum deum et hominem
celi et\ terre conditorem
incorrupta carne
sine dolore\
virgo permanens
et mater exultans.

Per hoc dulce\ gaudium, et cetera.
Apud tuum filium, et cetera.

Gaude perpe\tua virgo immaculata
dei genitrix gloriosa
que fi\lium tuum
redemptorem nostrum
post sue crucis pa\tibulum
anime tue gaudium
devicta morte re\surgentem
leta suscepisti.

Per hoc dulce gaudium.

Gaude perpetua virgo immaculata
Maria dei ge\nitrix gloriosa
que mediatore [mediatorem] dei et homini [hominis]
dominum\ nostrum Ihesum Christum
in sue deitatis virtute
cum tue car\nis veritate
ad celos ascendentem
benedicta conspex\isti.

Per hoc dulce.

Gaude perpetua virgo immacu\

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