Folio 85v

Devotions to the Virgin Mary, continued.

Hymn, Ave virgo virginum stella matutina, continued.

... are sustained by her. Eve's fall deprived us of the bliss which was later conferred upon us by the word made flesh, when Christ suffered death and took away sin. We, her servants, cry to the Virgin, beseeching her to help us, hoping that in her mercy she may hear us. We weep for the sins we have committed but trust in her to obtain pardon for the truly penitent. We groan at the thought of the evil we have done of our own will but have faith that she will answer our prayers.

Burnet Psalter image.  Aberdeen University Library 1998

Sed misericordia tua fulciuntur.\


Eve lapsus intulit dampnum desperatum,\
Et a nobis abstulit gaudium beatum,\
Quod post Evam contulit verbum incarnatum,\
Quando mortem sustulit delevit peccatum.\

Ad te.\

Ad te clamant iugiter tui famulantes,\
Et in te fideliter homines sperantes,\
Iuvamen humiliter tuum implorantes,\
Quos misericorditer audias sperantes.\


Suspiramus fletibus nostris pro peccatis,\
Et multis gemitibus per nos perpetratis,\
Sed in te confidimus mater pietatis,\
Vere penitentibus veniam da gratis.\


Gementes recolimus mala retroacta,\
Que inique gessimus mente non coacta,\
Sed in te confidimus Maria intacta,\
Ut a te que petimus sint in nobis facta.\

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