Folio 85r

Devotions to the Virgin Mary, continued.

Hymn, Ave virgo virginum stella matutina, continued.

... and asks her to take away the things of the night and seek on our behalf the help of God. The wretched cry out to the Virgin. The author asks her to hear us, so that, delivered by her from hell, we may follow the way of her son. We ask that, through her, we may cease thinking evil thoughts and doing evil things. The author asks that we who are in exile, deprived of glory, turned away from paradise, through the sins of our forefathers, may through her favour be restored. Our sons, who lament the misery of the world in which they are caught up and often turn to evil ...

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Omne quod est noctium tolle sine mora,\
Et dei auxilium pro nobis implora.\

Ad te.\

Ad te clamant miseri multum desolati,\
Nobis aures aperi pectoris sacrati,\
Ut a fauce inferi per te liberati,\
Consequamur liberi viam tui nati.\


Clamamus devocius ad te suspirantes,\
Et affectuosius te pie precantes,\
Dele quod interius male cogitantes,\
Sessimus [Gessimus] exterius opere peccantes.\


Exules exilio omnes sumus dati,\
Pro parentis vicio gloria privati,\
Paradysi gaudio et exorbitrati [exorbitati],\
Tuo beneficio simus reparati.\


Filii suspiria prodere coguntur,\
Mundi pro miseria per quam involvuntur,\
Ad dampnata vicia sepe dilabuntur,\

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