Folio 84r

Devotions to the Virgin Mary.

Introduction (RH, 1, p460).

Those who venerate the Virgin Mary with these devotions and, when passing before one of her images, do not fail to salute her, will find their reward.

Burnet Psalter image.  Aberdeen University Library 1998.

Has videas laudes qui sacra virgine gaudes,\
Et venerando piam studeas laudare Mariam.\
Virginis intacte cum veneris ante figuram,\
Pretereundo cave ne taceatur ave.\
Invenies veniam sic salutando Mariam.\

Hymn, Ave virgo virginum stella matutina.

A hymn to the Virgin Mary. The author invokes her as the morning star, the antidote of evil, and consoler of the wretched, and asks her to hear our prayers. He invokes her as queen of all monarchs, virgin mother, and as one who is called the holy palace of God , and asks her to grant us her aid. He invokes her as the fountain of mercy ...

Ave virgo vir\ginum stella\ matutina,\
Sordidorum cri\minum vera me\dicina,
Conso\latrix hominum\ qui sunt in rui\na,
Precibus\ precancium mater te inclina.


Regina regnantium virgo puellaris,\
Peperisti filium mater singularis.\
Sacratum palacium dei convocaris.\
Divinum auxilium nobis largiaris.


Fons misericordie dici meruisti,\

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