Folio 78v

Devotions to the body of Christ and the sacrament, continued.

Prayer, Ave sanctissimum corpus, continued.

The author asks that through Christ his understanding may be enlightened, his love grow more ardent and his faith be strengthened; that amendment of his life may avail for his good; and that he may be granted a good end.

Burnet Psalter image.  Aberdeen University Library 1998.

Intellectus per te Ihesu dulcissime hic novo lumi\ne illustrantur, affectus inflammentur, spes ro\borentur ut vita mea emendata semper proficiat\ michi melius, et tandem conferatur bonus exitus\ Amen.

Hymn, Anima Christ sanctifica me.

A hymn to Jesus Christ (RH, 1, p 67), invoking his soul, his body, his blood, the water from his side, his passion and his death. The author asks that he may not be set apart from Christ; that he may be protected by Christ, summoned by him at death and placed at his side to praise him.

Anima Christ sanctifica me.
Corpus Christi salva me.
Sanguis Christi\ inebria me.
Aqua lateris Christi lava\ me.
Passio Christi conforta me.
Mors Christi vivifi\ca me.
O bone Ihesu exaudi me.
Ne permittas\ me separari a te.
Sed ab hoste maligno defende\ me.
In hora mortis voca me.
Et pone me iux\ta te.
Ut cum angelis tuis laudem te.
In secula\ seculorum. Amen\

Hymn, Ave verum corpus.

A hymn invoking the body of Christ (see HE, p 70). The author asks that he may receive the sacrament before his death and judgement.

Ave verum corpus do\mini nostri Ihesu Christi natum
de Maria\ virgine.
Ave verum passum in cruce\ et immolatum
pro homine.
Cuius latus perforatum,\
vere fluxit sanguine.
Esto michi pregustatum
mor\tis in examine.
O clemens, O pie
Ihesu, O Ihesu\ fili Marie
miserere mei. Amen.\

Hymn, Ave caro Christi.

A hymn invoking the body of Christ (RH, 1, p 102), sacrificed for our redemption.

Ave caro Christi caro [cara]
immolata crucis\ ara
pro redemptis hostia.


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