Folio 68v

Devotions to the cross and passion of Jesus Christ, continued.

Introduction to the prayer, O crux gloriosa, continued.

Whoever says this prayer each day cannot be harmed by the devil or harassed by any man; if he asks God for something in a righteous way, he will receive it; and when his soul leaves his body, it will be delivered from hell.

Burnet Psalter image.  Aberdeen University Library 1998.

cotidie devote dixerit diabolus ei nocere non potest\ nec ullus homo ei impedire potest et quicumque a deo\ iuste pecierit dabitur ei. Et quando anima eius egres\sa fuerit de corpore liberabitur ab inferno.

Prayer, O crux gloriosa.

A prayer invoking the cross as the sign by which the devil was defeated and the world redeemed by Christ's blood; and as the wood which carried the ransom of this world. The author asks that the cross may be as a refuge; that it may afford him protection and help.


O Crux gloriosa. O crux admiranda. O\ lignum preciosum. O admirabile sig\num per quod diabolus est victus et\ mundus Christi sanguine redemptus que sola fu\isti mater Christi et redemptoris. O lignum dulces\ clavos dulce pondus sustinens que digna fu\isti portare precium huius seculi. Crux domini sit mecum.\ Crux sicut [nidi]. Crux sit salus. Crux sicut ri\pa. Crux michi prodest protectio et adiutorium. In\ presenti et in futuro et in secula seculorum. Amen.\

Prayer, Adoramus te Christe.

A prayer adoring and blessing Jesus Christ because he redeemed the world with his death on the cross; the author asks for Christ's mercy upon us.

Adoramus te Christe et Ihesu et benedici\mus tibi [et benedicimus tibi]. Quia\ per sanctam crucem tuam et piissimam mor\tem redemisti mundum miserere nobis.

Pater\ noster.

Et Ave Maria.

Psalmus [122] Ad te levavi oculos.

Pater noster.\

Psalmus [53] Deus in nomine tuo salvum me fac.

Pater noster.\

Psalmus [66] Deus misereatur nostri.

Pater noster.


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