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Miscellaneous prayers and invocations, continued.

Introduction to the prayer and invocation, Domine deus sicut, continued.

... or displays it on his forehead, will not perish in water or fire, or by the sword or arrow, whenever and wherever he has it with him. And if a pregnant woman has it on her person, her child will not be stillborn.

Burnet Psalter image.  Aberdeen University Library 1998.

in fronte signaverit in quocumque die hoc facit non peribit\ in aqua nec in [aqua] igne nec gladio nec hasta nec\ in aliquo loco ubi secum habuerit. Et si mulier preg\nans super se habuerit in partu mulieris infans a\ morte liberabitur.+

Invocation and prayer, Domine deus sicut.

A prayer to God to have mercy on his servant and on anyone carrying this letter. It is followed by an invocation of the names of God.

Domine deus sicut scis et\ sicut vis miserere mei, N, famulo tuo et cuicumque\ super se hoc breve portanti. Amen.

+ Trinitas sancta,\ + Agyos, + Otheos, + Sother, + Messyas,\ + Sabaoth + Emanuel, + Adonay + Atha\nathos + Panthon, + Craton, + Ysus, +\ Eloy + Kyron, + Homo + Syon + Alpha\ et Omega + Primogenitus,+ Principium + Fi\nis + Via + Veritas + Vita + Sapiencia,\ Virtus, + Paraclitus, + Agnus + Ovis,\ + Vitulus + Aries + Leo + Serpens, + Ver\mis + Os + Splendor, + Sol, + Gloria +\ Lux + Et ymago, + Immortalis, + Panis,\ Sponsus, + Flos + Fons, + Finis + Vitis + Ia\nua, + Petra + Panis + Omnipotens, + Creator,\ + Eternus + Primus + Novissimus, sum\mum bonum. Amen.

Devotions to the cross and passion of Jesus Christ.

Introduction to the prayer, O crux gloriosa.

Quicumque hanc oracionem\

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