Folio 67r

Miscellaneous prayers and invocations, continued.

Invocation, Adonay, Flos, Sabaoth, continued.

The author asks that, when he carries this letter on his person, the twelve apostles and the four evangelists may defend him from the snares of the devil and evil spirits and from every kind of fever and the like. Pater noster and Ave Maria should each be said five times, in honour of the passion of Christ and the compassion of the Virgin Mary for her son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

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Assistant michi famulo tuo, N, hoc breve super se por\tanti duodecim apostoli domini nostri Ihesu Christi quorum no\mina sunt hec, Petrus, Paulus, Andreas, Ja\cobus, Johannes, Thomas, Jacobus et Philippus,\ Bartholomeus, Matheus, Symon, Thadeus,\ Mathias, Barnabas. Et quatuor evvange\liste qorum nomina sunt hec, Marcus, Matheus,\ Lucas, Johannes hec me defendant ab omnibus insi\diis diaboli maligni et malignorum spirituum, et\ a morbo febrium et ab omni specie earundem. Amen.

Et\ dicantur v Pater noster et v Ave Marie. In honore passio\ nis Christi et compassionis beate Marie virginis pro filio\ suo domino nostro Ihesu Christo

Introduction to the invocation and prayer, Dominus, Deus, Unigenitus.

St Leo, the pope, wrote these names, borne by an angel of the Lord, and said that whoever looked at the letter or carried it on his person need not, on that day, fear his enemies, sudden death, fire, water or fever, nor would he suffer any bodily harm. And if he fell ill in any way on that day, he would not die without making his confession; a statement which has been proved true.

Sanctus Leo papa scripsit ista\ nomina que angelus domini portavit et dixit quod siquis\ istud breve respexerit vel super se portaverit illo die\ non timebit inimicos nec subitaneam mortem neque\ ignem neque aquam timebit neque febres vel aliquid dampnum\ in corpore suo pacietur. Et si in aliqua infirmitate ce\cidit illo die sine confessione non morietur et hoc pro\batum est.

Invocation and prayer, Dominus, Deus, Unigenitus.

An invocation of the names of God.

Dominus, + Deus, + Unigenitus,\ + Pater, + Creator, + Christus + Bonus,\

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