Folio 27v

Commemorations of the saints, continued.

Saint Barbara.

Hymn, Gaude Barbara regina.

A hymn commemorating St Barbara. She preserved her modesty; she was steadfast in the faith; she was martyred; God provided locusts to attend upon her burial place.

Burnet Psalt
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Gaude Barbara regina
cum Christo con\servata a ruina
in pudoris ly\lio.

Gaude pollens in doctri\na
excellenter in divina
Christi\ magisterio.

Gaude virgo fide\ plena
possidens celi amena
finita martyrio.

Gaude quod est deo cure
dare tue sepulture
lo\custas officio.

Gaude quia noster cetus
cantat dul\ce et est letus
fac ut mecum sis non spretus
in per\henni gaudio. Amen.

Hymn, Ave trini lucifera.

A prayer to St Barbara (see HL, 3, p 213), who was killed by her father, asking that we may share with her the joy of heaven.

Ave trini [throni] lucifera
post Mariam flos virginum
o mediatrix Barbara
vera dei et\

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