Folio 26r

Commemorations of the saints, continued.

Saint Catherine.

Hymn, Gaude virgo Katherina.

A hymn commemorating St Catherine (AH, 29, p 110). She corrected the errors of learned men; her prison cell was filled with light and fragrance; she converted the queen [of the Emperor Maxentius]; the wheel on which she was broken, coming loose, injured bystanders; when she was scourged and beheaded, milk instead of blood flowed from her neck; from her body, which was carried to Sinai, flows a healing oil (GL, pp 708-16).

Burnet Psalt
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Gaude virgo Katherina
qua docto\res lex divina
traxit ab erroribus.\

Gaude pro qua tenebrosus\
carcer fuit luminosus
fragrans\ ex ordoribus.

Gaude convertens\ reginam
cernens roteque <rotarum> ruinam
plebs [plebis] in discrimine.\

Gaude tu que flagellaris
et post preces decolla\ris
fundens lac pro sanguine.

Gaude Syna que\ portaris
ubi iuge veneraris
olei propagine.

O bea\ta post Mariam
posce nobis celi viam
in supremo\ culmine.

Nec cum tibi presentamus
fac ut tecum gau\

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