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10.4.20 | UOAPS is delighted to welcome Total, ICR., Swire Oilfield Services, and HydraWell as sponsors of its 2020 Long Course Meet.  Full details at UOAPS Long Course Meet Sponsors.


20.3.20 | In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the suspension of all activity at Aberdeen Sports Village (ASV) until further notice, the UOAPS programme suspended its training on Friday, 20th March 2020.


31.1.20 | UOAPS is delighted to announce the signing of a technical partnership with ARENA.

Full details at UOAPS Joins Team Arena.



UOAPS Newsletters


The most recent edition of the Club Newsletter:

Winter 2019/20 Newsletter


Previous editions are available as follows:

Summer 2019 Newsletter

Spring 2019 Newsletter

Winter 2018/19 Newsletter

Local, Regional, National and International Meet Results

Information on the performance of UOAPS swimmers at national and international meets will be provided below when available.

Date Season 2019/20 - Meet (Venue) Link
21 Sep 2019 Scottish National Team Championships (Glasgow) Results
14 Sep 2019 UOAPS Club Championships (ASV) Results Session 1 Session 2
8 Sep 2019 Cults Otters Challenge Trophy (Cults) Results
6 Oct 2019 North District Distance Meet, Fraserburgh Results
12-13 Oct 2019 Garioch 200, Inverurie Results
26-27 Oct 2019 Carnegie Winter Open, Michael Woods Centre Results
2-3 Nov 2019 AASC Nifty 50s, ASV Results
9-10 Nov 2019 North District Open, ASV Results
23-24 Nov 2019 North District Age Group, Inverness Results
13-15 Dec 2019 Scottish National Short Course, Edinburgh Results
24-26 Jan 2020 Euro Meet, Luxembourg Results
01-02 Feb 2020 North District Age Group R1, ASV Results
14-16 Feb 2020 BUCS Long Course, Sheffield Results
20-23 Feb 2020 McCullagh International, Bangor Results
22-23 Feb 2020 UOA Distance TT, ASV Results
29 Feb - 01 Mar North District Age Group R2, ASV Results
13-15 Mar 2020 Edinburgh International Results


Date Season 2018/19 - Meet (Venue) Link
22 Sep 2018 Scottish National Team Championships (Glasgow) Results
06-07 Oct 2018 North District Distance Meet (Fraserburgh) Results
13-14 Oct 2018 Garioch 200 (Inverurie) Results
03-04 Nov 2018 North District Open (Aberdeen, ASV) Results
11 Nov 2018 Aberdeen ASC Nifty Fifty (Aberdeen, ASV) Results
22 Nov 2018 Scottish Schools Heats (Aberdeen, ASV) Results
24-25 Nov 2018 North District Age Group Meet (Inverness) Results
07-09 Dec 2018 Scottish National Age Group SC (Edinburgh) Results
05 Jan 2019 UOAPS Club Championships (Aberdeen) Results1; Results2; Trophies
26 Jan 2019 Scottish Schools LC (Glasgow) Results
3 Feb 2019 North District Age Group R1 LC (Aberdeen, ASV) Results
16 Feb 2019 UOAPS Distance Time Trial (Aberdeen, ASV) Results; Sessions
02-03 Mar 2019 North District Age Group R2 LC (Aberdeen, ASV) RelaysResults
15-17 Mar 2019 Edinburgh International LC (Edinburgh) RelaysResults
27-31 Mar 2019 Scottish National Age Group LC (Glasgow) Results
27-31 Mar 2019 Irish Open (Dublin) Results
27-28 Apr 2019 UOAPS Age Group Open (Aberdeen, ASV) Results; Full
24-26 May 2019 Glasgow International (Glasgow) Results
25-26 May 2019 North District LC Time Trial (Aberdeen, ASV) Results
15-16 June 2019 Mare Nostrum (Barcelona) Results
18-19 June 2019 French Open (Paris) Results
22-23 June 2019 North District Development Meet (Inverness) Results
27-30 June 2019 Scottish Open (Aberdeen, ASV) Results; Relays
11-14 July 2019 Scottish Summer (RCP, Edinburgh) Results
23-28 July 2019 British Summer Championships (Glasgow) Results
31-04 Aug 2019 US Nationals (Palo Alto, California) Results


Club Records

The UOAPS Club Championship on Saturday 5 January 2019 (held at the ASV Aquatic Centre in Aberdeen) established the inaugural set of Club Championship Records (Jan 2019)

The Club Championship Records (Sep 2019) were revised following the Club Championship on 14 September 2019.

A list of the leading times achieved while representing UOAPS has also been compiled.  These are records achieved at accredited meets while representing UOAPS e.g. SNAGS.

Individual PBs and performance trends are available for all registered swimmers via

Scottish Swimming's national records database can be found at

British Swimming's national records database (including para records) can be found at