What sort of things can the union help me with?

Remember - you have to be a member before we can offer help, advice or support!

Dealing with problems in the workplace

Illness, stress and injury

Discrimination, bullying and harassment

Support for fixed term and hourly paid workers

Intellectual property rights

Disciplinaries, dismissal and redundancies

Employment tribunals

I'm not a member - how do I join?

You can join online here.  Your membership starts as soon as you have completed the form.

I am a member. How do I know who to contact?

There are UCU contacts in most sections of the University:

The office email and answerphone are checked regularly, even when the office is closed, so you should always get a quick response to your enquiry.

I don't want anyone to know that I am having problems. Can you keep it "low profile"?

Yes, of course. All of our personal case workers are trained in handling difficult situations with sensitivity and discretion. If you prefer, we can arrange to call you on a personal phone rather than on your work number, and can organise meetings away from the workplace. If at all possible, we'll allocate a caseworker from outwith your own discipline too