Black & Ethnic Minority Group

The BEM Group is convened by Dr Sola Kasim and meets on the last Wednesday of every month at 2pm in the North Seminar Room, 24 High Street. ALL WELCOME!

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Thursday 28th September

12pm to 2pm

King’s College Conference Centre


The Black and Ethnic Minority (BEM) staff group of the Aberdeen UCU warmly invites you to its first Equality, Diversity and Inclusion lunchtime seminar. The seminar series will explore the opportunities, and benefits of diversity and inclusion programmes; the barriers to their implementation and the solutions to the barriers.  This event is open to all staff and students. RSVP to or via Eventbrite.


The first event takes place on Thursday 28th September between 12pm and 2pm in the King’s College Conference Centre. The schedule is as follows – and please feel free to bring your lunch and join us for whatever part of the event you can manage:



Networking/introductions in the foyer. Three flipcharts will each display a page from the University's Equality and Diversity Policy and attendees will have the opportunity to share their experiences, discuss ideas and make annotations aimed at enhancing the policy.



Grampian Regional Equality Council (GREC) was established in 1985 and has a mission to advance equality for all in the North East of Scotland. Dave Black (General Manager) will give an overview of the organisation's objectives and current work, as well as speak about upcoming projects, events and potential changes to legislation.



Presentation by Christopher Nicholas, UCU Equality Support Official. Find out more about UCU’s organising initiatives with regard to race equality including a summary of the survey of the experiences of UCU’s black members and subsequent ‘witness’ programme highlighting workplace discrimination and how to combat it.



Presentation by Professor Jan Skakle, University of Aberdeen Advisory Group on Equality and Diversity.


1.45pm 2.00pm

As you leave, participants are encouraged to revisit the flipcharts for further discussion and feedback.


We hope to see you there and that this event is the first in a series of lunchtime seminars on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.


RSVP to or via Eventbrite.


Dr Sola Kasim

Equality Officer

Aberdeen UCU