Pay, job security and equality

Pay claim 2013-14 & 2014-15

UCU members took industrial action and action short of a strike in response to the employers' failure to make HE members a proper pay offer for 2013-14. This included one day and two-hour strikes, and working to contract. The 2013-14 dispute ended when a conditional 2014-15 offer was accepted.

Members voted to accept 'final offer'
In a ballot of members over the employers' 'final offer' for 2014-15, 83.7% of members who voted, voted to accept the offer and call off the marking boycott. The turnout was 52.6%.

The final offer of 2% from August 2014 was in addition to last year's offer of 1% from August 2013, and was conditional on the current 2013/14 dispute ending.

The union's higher education committee met on 2 May to consider the ballot result and confirmed that the dispute had ended and the threatened marking boycott called off.

The 2014-15 offer

The employer's full and final offer is:

  • 2% on all pay spine points with effect from August 2014
  • point 1 (the lowest point) of the pay spine to be increased by an additional £30 which will be the equivalent of the living wage in those institutions with a 35-hour week
  • joint work to explore the use of the bottom pay points across the sector
  • both sides remain committed to explore the pay equality claims which will be addressed at next New JNCHES meetings on 24 April and 20 May.

In a message to members, UCU general secretary Sally Hunt said:

'As you may have heard from your branch the result of the recent ballot on the 'full and final' pay offer made by the HE employers was as follows:A total of 30,141 valid votes were counted, giving a turnout of 52.6%. The eligible votes were cast as follows:

To accept the offer and call off the marking boycott:
25,239 (83.7%)

To reject the offer and commence the marking boycott at the earliest opportunity possible:
4,902 (16.3%)

Arising from this overwhelming result, the Higher Education Committee has agreed to inform the employers we accept the full and final offer of 2% made for the 2014/15 negotiations and the pay dispute carried over from 2013 is now resolved.