Anti-Casualisation campaign

The UCU Aberdeen Anti-Casualisation campaign is currently conducting a survey of casualised staff at the University of Aberdeen on Guaranteed Minimum Hours (GMH) and temporary services contracts. Please fill out the survey, and share it with colleagues:

Aberdeen UCU is collecting data from academic staff about their experiences of precarious work. We would be grateful if you would take a few minutes to fill in this survey. This information will inform our response to an ongoing consultation with UoA. The survey responses are only viewed by your union representatives. We will use your response to help us put together a report on precarious work at UoA, and any report that will be shared with the University or third parties will be fully anonymised. Please feel free to share this survey with other UoA staff that you believe are effected by this issue. UCU membership is free for postgraduate and PhD students and based on your income if you are on a GMH contract. You can join online:

We are trying to get as many responses as possible, and will use the results in our ongoing consultation with the University on GMH contracts. If you’d like to get involved, please email to join the working group. The UCU Annual General Meeting for casualised staff is also coming up on 26th February, if you are interested in attending please email

Local and National Campaigns

UCU campaigns locally and nationally for members on different issues: