Students' Forum

The Student Forum component of the UArctic Rectors' Forum and Conference will bring together students from UArctic member institutions located in the Arctic and beyond.  It will run in parallel with the Rectors' Forum and the Conference, over both events. 

Traditionally held in association with the annual UArctic Rectors’ Forum, the Student Forum is an excellent opportunity for students from UArctic member institutions to meet and discuss important issues, to learn from each other, and to present their views on current issues.

 Student Forum

Each Rector attending the Forum will be invited to bring along one or two students from different academic levels (Bachelor, Master’s, and PhD) and backgrounds who will be required to attend both the Forum and the Conference to gain a real educational experience.

Accompanying students will be expected to gather for a pre-Forum get-together on the afternoon of Wednesday 23 August 2017. At this pre-Forum meeting, students will divide into five groups. Each group will draft a joint statement, declaration or resolution on one of the five Conference panel themes, with one group per theme. The joint statement, declaration or resolution will subsequently be published on the Forum website. 

Students will be coached and tutored throughout the Forum and the Conference by a University of Aberdeen doctoral student or post-doctoral researcher.

Two sessions are scheduled (one on each day of the Forum) in which all accompanying students will meet together, followed by a student-run plenary session, with the Rectors also present. 

A special discounted student delegate package will be available that includes registration fees for both the Forum and the Conference, along with all meals and accommodation, with the excursion as an optional extra. 

In order to participate, students must email a letter to The UArctic at: along with a confirmation letter from their institution.  

Information on the 2016 Students' Forum can be found here: 






Students' Forum will address following:


  • The Anthropocene in the Arctic

  • Movements and Encounters of Northern Peoples in the Long Term

  • Health, Education and Culture Change in the North

  • Land, Sovereignty and Indigenous Rights

  • Political Regimes and International Relations in the Circumpolar North