UArctic Rectors' Forums provide unique opportunities for leaders of the UArctic's Higher Education Institution members to participate in common dialogue and focus on topics of special relevance. 

Principal Sir Ian Diamond photographed below, with Rectors' Forum delegates in August 2017, when Institution leaders, Rectors, Chancellors, Presidents, Provosts, Vice-Rectors, Vice-Chancellors, Vice-Presidents, Vice-Provosts and formal delegates participated in the Aberdeen Rectors’ Forum. Along with experts, specialist advisors and/or support staff including Student Forum delegates.


Hosted by Aberdeen University, Scotland.  The 11th UArctic Rectors' Forum was held in conjunction with the inaugural UArctic Research Analytics Institute Meeting. Immediately followed by an International Conference: Conversations from the North. 

The Rectors' Forum concluded with a discussion session between the rectors and Student Forum delegates who  presented their own Declaration to the assembled participants.  Available here shortly. 

The Rectors' Forum Declaration highlighted many issues raised during the meetings.  In particular, the main challenges facing universities, research and higher education in the North today. Including the value of partnerships between institutions in the "near North" with those in the Circumpolar North within the UArctic network.

Saint Petersburg State University, Russia, held the 10th UArctic Rectors' Forum in conjunction with the inaugural 2016 UArctic Congress.

UArctic 2016 Congress Declaration The Sustainable Future of the Arctic and Student Forum 2016 Declaration 

UArctic 2018 Congress  The second UArctic Congress will be held from September 3 to 7, 2018. The Congress takes place in Oulu until the afternoon of Thursday, September 6, and then transfers to Oulu for the evening reception and full science programme on Friday, September 7.

For further details see UArctic Rectors' Forum Terms of Reference and the UArctic Charter (adopted at the Rectors' Forum 2008).