With its geographical location facing both east and west, the University of Aberdeen has unique strengths in northern circumpolar research, in fields ranging from the geosciences and environmental biology to archaeology, anthropology and Scandinavian studies. No other University in the UK currently comes close to being so heavily invested in research in the region, and in none are the prospects for its future development so promising. 

We are therefore honoured and delighted to be hosting the 2017 Rectors’ Forum of the University of the Arctic, and very much look forward to welcoming the distinguished delegates to our King's College Conference Centre. The theme of the Forum will be The Inhabited Arctic: Lands, Peoples and Scholarship in the Circumpolar North

Following the Forum, there will be an associated International Conference, on the theme of Conversations from the North: Scholars of many disciplines and inhabitants of many places in dialogue with one another, with animals and plants, and with the land. The conference, open to all, will also take place in the King's College Conference Centre.  

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