PRAX-2 logoThis project consists of a unique combination of digitally-based outcrop studies, and oceanographic studies of modern systems, combined with a decade of previous research including state-of-the-art numerical modeling, to understand deep-water depositional systems and their resulting reservoir architecture and properties.

Earlier research has focused on: coarse-grained channel systems and their overbank deposits (terraces and levees), and seismic modeling of their architectures; numerical modeling of overbank flow processes; and ponded slope accommodation related to mass transport deposits. The results of this earlier research will form the foundation to the present study, and will be available to sponsors.

The present study extends the scope into a more holistic view of deep-water systems, via new field studies, the main focus of which will be:

  • sheet-like sand bodies (lobes, splays and confined/ponded sheets)
  • diversity of channel fills and their overbanks
  • impact of mass transport on reservoir development

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