Lighthouse on Bass Rock
Lighthouse on Bass Rock 2004 © Dr. J.B Nelson
Removal of tree mallow

Removal of tree mallow

How to get involved:

We need your help so if you think you can help with any of the following activities please get in contact with:

Annie Truscott or Rene van der Wal


Send in historical photographs. If you have any photographic material of a known year or even just observations of tree mallow on Craigleith, Fidra and the Bass Rock or any other Scottish island please get in touch to help us construct patterns of tree mallow spread. For the Bass Rock we are specifically interested in pictures taken from the sea that allow estimation of the area covered by tree mallow below the castle and lighthouse (see picture). For Craigleith, any sharp picture taken from the North Berwick direction would be helpful, but also close-ups of the vegetation itself would be of great interest.

Join tree mallow interest group. Particiapte with other stakeholders and interested parties in our tree mallow interest group to address the biodiversity implications of tree mallow invasion in BAP habitat. An effective partnership between conservation organisations, local communities and ecologists can help ensure knowledge transfer and safeguard islands from tree mallow invasion.

Help to determine the role of climate change in the expansion of tree mallow. See info for schools page

Develop viable approaches to halt the loss of biodiversity caused by tree mallow invasion. We would like conservation organisations and indivuduals with an interest in this issue to help us develop tree mallow experimental control procedures. On one of the Scottish islands, where most of the puffin habitat is now overgrown by tree mallow, control measures will be put in place to investigate the potential of recovery of this coastal habitat following invasion by tree mallow. Replicate areas will be cleared to restore valuable habitat to its original state. Consequences for the puffins, the extent of soil erosion and need for repeated treatment will be followed up during subsequent years.

Give us your view. We would like to know how you feel tree mallow on Craigleith should be managed. Should nothing be done at all? Should it be cut? Or should other measures be considered?