Staff guide to using desk telephones, corporate mobiles and voicemail

**Please note this resource is aimed at staff only**

Desk Telephones

Use our guides to Superset 4025 Digital and 5312, 5340, 6920 IP telephones to learn about typographical conventions, making and receiving calls, transferring and diverting calls, searching the phonebook and more.

Voice Mail

Voicemail is available on all University four-digit extension numbers on request. The system allows callers to leave messages for you if you are on another call or away from your phone and delivers them to your email Inbox. You can also listen to messages on your phone. Our voice mail guides provide information for staff wishing to set up and use voicemail.

Corporate Mobile Devices

Corporate mobile devices and services must be purchased through IT Services. If you need to use your mobile device abroad, please refer to our guide to Travelling abroad with mobile devices before you travel.

Last updated on 21 July 2021