Effective meeting management software for SharePoint

Please note:- the use of MeetingSquared is restricted to certain groups in the University, so you will not be able to access it unless you have been specifically instructed to do so.

MeetingSquared is a collaboration tool for paperless meetings. Meeting attendees log into the system using their Office365 credentials and can view the meeting agenda and associated meeting papers on their laptop (Windows or Mac) or mobile device (iPad, Android tablet or phone). Apps are available in the relevant app store for iOS, Android and Windows 10 which let attendees view the meeting items and add annotations and notes. If the meeting administrator adds or removes items, attendees can refresh the meeting so they always have the most up-to-date information.

If you have received a meeting invitation, click the Guides section below to access user guides for your device to help you get started.

This resource was last updated 26.06.20

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