Information Security Training for Students

Essential UoA cyber security course

At the University of Aberdeen, you are expected to complete our Information Security Awareness course on iDEA. The course consists of five modules: Cyber Security, Digital Ethics, E-Safety, Safe Online and Social Media Ethics. Each module takes a maximum of ten minutes to complete and awards you a digital badge that you can use across multiple platforms including LinkedIn.

  1. Go to and sign up with your University email address in the format (

  2. When you have completed registration, sign in and go to (or via your name in the top right)

  3. Under Organiser Group Codes add INFOSEC and click ADD, then click SAVE. This will add you to the University’s course area within iDEA.

  4. You’ll find the five courses you need to take in the Links section of this resource or within the Bronze Citizen section on iDEA

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Last updated on 12 September 2022