The North has sponsored four major interdisciplinary research programmes. Within each of these programmes is a number of research projects. The results of which will shortly be available. 

Fragility, Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change in the North (FAR)

This scientific initiative with an interdisciplinary team addressed fragility, resilience and adaptation of high-latitude communities and ecosystems to effects of climate change.

Pathways to Power: The Rise of the Early Medieval Kingdoms of the North

Provided a new research focus on how early kingdoms of northern Europe emerged, and influenced new lifeways, relations with the land and literary cultures at this watershed transformation of the north.

The Northern Temperament: investigating the communication of emotions in northern cultures

This programme investigated the nature of emotional expression in northern cultures and applied a wide range of methods and expertise drawn from Clinical Psychiatry, the Arts, Psychology, Education, Computing, Medical and Social Sciences.

Northern Colonialism: Historical Connections, Contemporary Lives

Built upon existing expertise in Anthropology, Archaeology and History, with support from the Library, Special Collections and Museums, path-breaking research was fostered on processes and the impact of colonialism in the Circumpolar North.