McMurray Métis' Oil Sands Talk

McMurray Métis' Oil Sands Talk

This is a past event

Come along to hear about Peter Fortna's recent work with the McMurray Métis community at 3pm this Friday 31 July 2015 at Aberdeen University.

The McMurray Métis' Cumulative Effects Management Strategy:

Connecting Métis, Social Scientific and Scientific Research Methodologies to Monitor the Effects of Oil Sands Development. 

This presentation will explain how McMurray Métis propose to create a programme informed by Métis research methodologies that monitors cumulative (total) effects of development as observed by community members.

The Métis (indigenous) community in Fort McMuray, Canada are faced with an overload of industrial developments whose impacts are reviewed and assessed on a project-by-project basis using western scientific methodologies. 

These reviews rarely take into account impacts from a community perspective or consider indegenous and social scientific research methodologies.

Peter Fortna is an Aboriginal consultant based in Fort McMurray, Canada.  He is the co-owner of Willow Springs Strategic Solutions ( and the Regularory Affairs Adviser for the McMurray Métis.  Peter holds a BA in History from the University of Calgary, an MA in History from Memorial University of Newfoundland, and a PhD (ABD) in History from the University of Alberta. 

This talk will be held in Room F61 of the Edward Wright Building, Dunbar Street, Aberdeen University, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. No booking required.  Free talk. Open to all.






Peter Fortna
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Social Sciences
Room 61, The Edward Wright Building, The University of Aberdeen

Tara L Joly, The School of Social Science, Edward Wright Building, Dunbar Street, Aberdeen, AB24 3QY, Scotland, UK.  Email:

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