How Have Recent Events Shaped the UK's Constitutional Debate?

How Have Recent Events Shaped the UK's Constitutional Debate?

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Dr Malcolm Harvey will lead an online discussion examining how recent events have shaped the UK's constitutional debate on Thursday 20 August 4pm-5pm.

The last decade in the UK has seen considerable public debate about how we are governed.  From the election of the first SNP government in the Scottish Parliament in 2007, through the Scottish independence referendum in 2014 and the EU referendum in 2016, constitutional change has retained a position high on the political agenda. 

Recent events, including the global resonance of the Black Lives Matter movement and racial injustice, and perhaps most especially, the coronavirus pandemic, have taken priority status in our politics and our lives – but constitutional questions remain relevant. 

Recent opinion polls have suggested majority support in Scotland for both Scottish independence and re-joining the European Union, while leaders at both Holyrood and Westminster have become almost daily visitors to our screens, often with different messages, instructions – and agendas. 

Join us for a discussion of how some of these recent events have shaped the UK’s ongoing constitutional debate – a debate which seems likely to never reach a conclusion.

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Please note that this session will be recorded and shared online.

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