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Walking with Birds: A Musical Experience for Families

Walking with Birds: A Musical Experience for Families

Join us for a fun and engaging workshop experience for families, bringing art and music together to create a graphic score.

Walking with Birds: A Musical Experience for Families draws together musical and artistic creativity, focussing on creating a “graphic score”, which is a form of music notation without any notes! This score will be based around the journey of William MacGillivray and John James Audubon, which you will learn about in the exhibition Walking with Birds on the ground floor of the library. You’ll get to create, play, and have plenty of fun doing it!

There is no previous requirement to be musical in any way. Just a keen interest and mind. If you are musical, feel free to bring an instrument! Don’t worry if you don’t have one – we will have a range of instruments available.

Designed to be a fun and engaging experience for families, with a recording of your final score, performed by the group, to have forever.

The content is designed for families with children ages 5-12, but absolutely anyone over the age of 5 is welcome to attend. Please get in contact if there are any special requirements or needs.

This is a FREE event / online booking is available. 

Venue: The Sir Duncan Rice Library


Susan Curran


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