North Coast 500 Virtual Cycle Challenge

North Coast 500 Virtual Cycle Challenge

An intrepid group of our staff and supporters, led by Professor Heys, will complete the gruelling North Coast 500 please show your support and help raise awareness



The challenge is now complete and after a very furious (and perspiring) end we are pleased to announce how well all our participants did!

In total they covered 2764 miles – an amazing achievement.

The School Admin Team were the first to reach 500 miles, but it was a very close call….

The Anatomy Team cycled the most – 890.7 miles pipping the top spot by just 2.1 miles

The Patient Partner Team achieved the fantastic total of 506.2 miles – well done to them all – especially on top of attending all the OSCEs

In the Clinical Skills Team – Iain Morrison hit the fastest mile – in a very speedy 3 mins 42 seconds!

Of our individual participants well done to Dr Selvarani Subbarayan as being the top solo entry with 50 miles.