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Frequently Asked Questions

Students being admitted to a Counselling programme or course should first take the online Counselling Diagnostic Test. You will be unable to register for Counselling Skills 1, and consequently any of the subsequent courses until you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions in the Diagnostic Test. Having completed the test you should select the appropriate course in MyCurriculum. A link to the Counselling Skills Diagnostic Test can be found on the MyCurriculum webpage.

Please note: you must have completed Online Registration prior to taking the diagnostic test.

There is an online language diagnostic test which you must complete prior to making your course selections. The result of the test identifies the correct level of language course for you, based on your current level of knowledge. Links to the French and Spanish Diagnostic Tests can be found on the MyCurriculum webpage

Please note: you must have completed Online Registration prior to taking the diagnostic test.

It is an online test which identifies the course that is most appropriate for you based on your current level of knowledge (the only exception to this is the Counselling Skills Diagnostic Test, which represents a set of Terms and Conditions which you must read and agree to before proceeding with selecting any Counselling courses).

Contact MyCurriculum support by clicking on the "No, I need more help" button at the bottom of this page, or using out online chat facility, or contact us on 01224 272727.

You will receive an immediate online response to your submission, advising you of the course that is appropriate for your level of knowledge and asking you to go back into MyCurriculum to continue with course selection.

If you believe that you hold a non-UK school qualification pre-requisite equivalent to those listed in the Catalogue of Courses, or if you have spent time in a German-speaking country, you may request a waiver of the pre-requisite to enable you to take the higher level compulsory course (in this case GM1050). Once you are eligible to select GM1050, the other compulsory course (GM1550) will automatically become available; you will also be eligible to select GM1052.

To apply for a prerequisite waiver, please complete a waiver form and send to the relevant School contact.

When completing the form you must provide the following information:

  • In the “Course(s) for which Waiver Sought box” – add GM1050
  • In the “Pre-Requisite(s) Missing box” – write “not applicable – entry qualification equivalent”
  • In the “Please give the reasons ……. Box” – please provide information about the school qualification and level you have achieved and, if applicable, the time you have spent in a German-speaking country.

This test helps students interested in studying Mathematics as an option by identifying whether they have the level of knowledge required to take MA1005 Calculus I and/or MA1006 Algebra, as these courses are only suitable for those who have studied Maths to a certain level.

You do not need to take this test if you are taking a joint honours Mathematics degree. A link to the Mathematics Diagnostic Test can be found on the MyCurriculum webpage.

Please note: you must have completed Online Registration prior to taking the diagnostic test.

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